Get Ready for Spring & Summer with CyprusBBQ

All the equipment you need to make the perfect Cypriot Souvla.

As Spring and Summer approach, and surely welcomed by us all, ensure you have the right equipment from to spend Spring and Summer in the garden eating the tastiest Cypriot Souvla with friends and family.

The essential(!):

Foukou - The Greek-Cypriot barbecue grill. These are the best barbecue grills on Earth, and, arguably, in the Universe. Sturdy, easy to handle they provide the depth for plenty of charcoal to be heated in safely for many a perfect Greek Cypriot Souvla. is proud to offer a full range of different sized Cypriot Foukou sets to buy, here are just a few:

The Small Traditional Greek Cypriot Foukou Charcoal BBQ Set (Blue) from is a compact version of the original, and most popular, Foukou- as made in Cyprus. It can be used to cook both Souvlaki (small pieces of skewered meat, traditionally found in Greece) or Cypriot Souvla (large cuts of meat on skewers). This set is ideal for small gardens and patios, and perfect for couples.

If you prefer to have the original and most popular style of authentic Cyprus Foukou, then the Large Traditional Foukou Greek Cypriot Charcoal BBQ Set (Blue) from is the set for you.   This set is perfect for Cypriot souvla at family gatherings and parties, and it is the standard Foukou most favoured by Cypriots when having their BBQ. Manufactured in Cyprus, this is’s most popular item.

Want a more modern version of the Foukou for your garden instead? Then the Extra Wide Modern Greek Cypriot Foukou Rotisserie Charcoal BBQ Set (Black) is the Foukou to purchase from This modern take of the Cypriot Foukou offers a wider design than the standard ‘Large Blue Foukou’, with a Metal BBQ tray measuring 70cm long x 36cm wide x 13cm deep. Another difference found on the ‘Modern Greek Cypriot Foukou’ is that the large skewers sit alongside each other at the same level, as opposed to the triangular fixture found on the traditional Foukou.This set is great for family and friends to enjoy Cypriot BBQ’s in the garden.

Whichever Foukou set you buy from, you are guaranteed to be filling your garden and home with the wonderful smell of Cyprus in Spring and Summer, and beyond. The complete collection of Foukou sets available from can be found here: .

Should you require additional Foukou accessories for larger BBQ gatherings, or to act as replacements (we won’t tell anybody if you don’t), then has you covered!

Cyprus BBQ Foukou Accessories:

Skewers - Nothing better than skewers to provide a user-friendly way of handling meat for the souvla. Get the right length for your Foukou as it is crucial for the use of the item that follows.

Buy Skewers from here:

Rotisserie Motor - A critical component of cooking your souvla to perfection. If you are a seasoned souvla chef and have the gear drive mechanisms attached to, or part of, your Foukou, then the Rotisserie Motor ensures that your skewered meat is rotated in tandem. Therefore, cooking your meat perfectly and evenly across the board. It does the hard work for you and rotates the skewers per the pace setting of your choice, while you kick back and enjoy a deserved drink watching your work come to fruition.

Order your Rotisserie Motors from here:

Grills - Grills placed over the charcoal on the Foukou to toast pitta bread for the souvla, is the Greek-Cypriot method of choice. Their presence immediately reduces the risk of burning your hands while trying to toast your pitta bread. Grills also act as a fantastic arena for halloumi to reach its earthly purpose of tasting great when grilled. Finally, the grill is the platform for you to cook the links of Loukanika and Pastourma (Greek-Cypriot sausages), negating the need to skewer and damage their juicy goodness.

View and purchase Grills here:

Aprons - All chefs should have an apron to protect their treasured clothes. More importantly though, it is also a visual statement as to who is in charge of the souvla, just in case any uneducated brave souls venture too close to your Foukou. Make sure they are in no doubt as to who is boss (and chef) of the Spring and Summer souvla by wearing one.

Exclusive Cyprus BBQ Aprons

A selection of exclusive (and fun) Aprons from can be purchased here:

‘Hot n Cold’ Pot - An absolute necessity to keep your souvla meat hot while you continue to cook. The ‘Hot n Cold’ pot is also a great storage place for leftovers to remain warm to eat later in the Spring and Summer evenings. In addition, you can store pre-skewered meat to marinade inside the ‘Hot n Cold’ pot. It has a multitude of uses for your meat. If you cook a lot of souvla meat like most Greek-Cypriots do, then you will need to purchase a few ‘Hot n Cold’ pots to contain all that delicious souvla meat- a tip that my grandmother passed down to me which I happily pass to you, my fellow souvlachef.

Purchase the ‘Hot n Cold’ Pot from here:

As the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding says, “So, there you go!”. The essentials required for the perfect Cypriot souvla in Spring and Summer . All available from and delivered to your door. The rest, such as cleaning the garden, buying the meat, pitta bread, and ingredients for all the side dishes, dips and salad, as well as getting the drinks to compliment the great tasting souvla, is up to you. We, at CyprusBBQ headquarters, would love to help you with all that- not so much the cleaning but more the eating and drinking(!)- but we have a lot of gardens to equip with all the right tools for the tastiest Spring and Summer Cypriot souvla.

Kαλή όρεξη from all at and let’s hope Spring and Summer is a warm and bright one.                       

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