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Motor - Mains Powered Variable Speed Rotisserie Motor Cyprus Style Barbecue


Mains Powered Variable Speed Rotisserie Motor for Traditional Cyprus Style Barbecue

This robust motor is used to power the rotating skewers on our range of Traditional Foukou Charcoal BBQ Sets. You have the option of powering it via the supplied 6-meter long mains adaptor or hooking it up to an external power source, such as a car battery, with the supplied alligator clips (perfect for picnics or areas where there is no electricity supply).


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Mains & Externally Powered Motor for Traditional Foukou Charcoal Barbecue Includes:

1 x Robust Motor for Traditional Foukou Charcoal BBQ Set

1 x UK (3Pin) Power Supply

1 x +/- Alligator Clips for easy hook up to external power supplies such as the car battery

Suitable for use with all BBQs within our range.

Perfect addition for the Cypriot style rotisserie BBQ. (see our great range of Traditional Foukou Charcoal BBQ Sets)

The grill motor comes with a 12-volt adapter with an integrated variable speed switch. It has a steel mechanism and a strong metal outer casing, protecting the motor from damage from the high temperatures of the grill.

The larger alligator clips connect directly to the respective poles of a 12V car battery or for mains power these connect to the smaller alligator clips (Pair to Pair) on the mains adaptor.

The motor easily hooks onto the socket on each of the Cyprus BBQ rotisserie mechanisms and can turn up to 12kg balanced load.


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