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Grill - Stainless Steel Rotating Fish/Meat Large Grill for Cyprus BBQ

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Stainless Steel Rotating Fish / Meat Large Grill for Cyprus style Rotisserie BBQ

This quality Stainless Steel Grill is ideal for cooking your favourite Fish, Meat or Halloumi and even Sausages on your Traditional Greek Cypriot Foukou Charcoal BBQ. The rotating grill fits onto the motor-driven rotisserie, allowing you to cook your food to that lovely Cyprus BBQ perfection.

An ideal addition to our great range of Large Blue  and Extra Wide Black  BBQ sets

 Stainless Steel Fish / Meat Grill for Rotisserie BBQ Features:

  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Fits onto our Motor driven Cyprus BBQ Rotisseries
  • Lockable grill securing your meat and fish.

Stainless Steel Fish / Meat Grill for Rotisserie BBQ Specifications:

  • Length 90cm (including 15cm Wooden Handle)
  • Width 13cm
  • Height 2cm
  • Weight 1.06kg


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