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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cyprus BBQ?

A traditional Greek Cypriot BBQ also known as a Foukou is a rotisserie style barbecue that cooks food over hot charcoal by rotating the meat on skewers or spits. The BBQ skewers and spits are rotated by a motor which can either be battery powered or mains powered. The barbecue tray box can be filled with charcoal, briquettes or hard wood.

In Cyprus, almost every household owns a traditional style barbecue grill and it is not uncommon for families to cook their food on these grills several times a week.

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What Can You Cook on a Cyprus BBQ?

If you have ever visited Cyprus then you have most probably eaten 'Souvla' or 'Souvlaki'. You can typically cook pork, lamb or chicken in this way. Souvla is chunks of meat (pork, lamb or chicken) that is cooked on the large spit skewers and typically served with salad, rice or potatoes. Souvlakia kebabs are smaller cubes of lamb, pork or chicken and is normally served in a pitta bread with salad.

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