How are the Cyprus beaches in Autumn?

Cyprus summers on the beach are magical. 

Cyprus BBQ - Konnos Bay Cyprus
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Cyprus has over 320 days of sunshine a year with one of the healthiest climates and beautiful beaches in the world .

This is why we love it!

Cyprus BBQ - Kalamies Restrurant Paralimni
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As the summer season ends you'd think a country’s climate would start to become much ‘cooler’ in  time  for Autumn …

… but not in Cyprus, especially so this year when we visited in October.

Cyprus BBQ - Cyprus Nissi Beach
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There was still a blazing hot Sun, and the beaches were inviting us to bathe in the beautiful blue sea. 

Cyprus BBQ - Nissi Beach Ayia napa

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The interesting part? 

Some of the beaches were completely deserted,well they almost were when we visited them at sunrise... 

Cyprus BBQ - Cyprus Nissi Beach sunrise

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...and sunset

Cyprus BBQ - Cyprus Latchi Beach sunset
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Something in the local’s head ‘clicks’ as soon as October hits.

For many Cypriots beach season is over, and it’s time to get ready for Winter.   

Even though the weather was still beautiful with temperatures anywhere between 27-35 degrees (and sunny) - many of the locals just wouldn’t consider going to the beach for a swim. 

And since we’re based in England, where the cold and wet weather is ‘second nature’ - you can imagine how much that puzzles us. 

Hey, we weren’t complaining. 

We used this opportunity to find  ourselves a ‘private’ beach for the remainder of our stay. 

Cyprus BBQ - Cyprus Larnaca Beach

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What would you do? 

Would you swim away…

… or ‘gear’ up for Winter? 

We definitely made the most of the sea and the sunshine.

Why not recreate a little taste of the mediterainean at home with a Cyprus style BBQ bring back happy memories with the delicious taste and smell of souvla.


  • Johnny

    Wish I was there 😖

    With my fouku on the beach of course!! 😀

  • AndyT

    I was swimming in Crete up to mid October and laughed at locals out at night in coats where I was in shorts and t shirt.
    Might try Cyprus another time

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