How to find the best Taverna and Meze in Cyprus…

They say it’s always good to know a local. 

And it’s true.

In a world filled with tourist traps and scams -- a local is like a shining light, guiding you to the greatest eateries and locations…

… without you being afraid that you’ll be served 3 week old meatballs (or worse).

That’s what happened when we discovered Forsos. 

You see, the last time we went to Limassol (where this tavern is located), we went in blind. 

We didn’t know anyone - and we had no idea where to go. 

So… let’s say our experience was less than pleasant. 

This time, we had a few reasons to go - and one of them was a new friend who has  been living in Limassol all his life…

… so he knew a thing or two more than us. 

Cyprus BBQ - Forsos Taverna

And he would not stop raving about the Cyprus Meze at this taverna - Forsos. 

Naturally, we had high expectations, and truth be told...

… we didn’t know what to expect.

But it was more than good.

It was stellar. 

They combined the authentic ‘feel’ of a traditional Cyprus taverna  - and served us some of the best food we’d ever eaten. 

We distinctly remember our friend saying…

don’t eat anything for the entire day. 

There would be so much food - we couldn’t finish it all. 

And he was right. 

Just take a look at all these mouth-watering dishes. 

The dishes kept flying at us for 90 minute straight! 

Cyprus BBQ - Traditional Greek Village salad and Dips

From a Traditional Village Greek Salad and Dips.....

Cyprus BBQ - Halloumi and Lountza Halloumi and Lountza...

Cyprus BBQ - Meze Forsos Taverna

… to delicious Sheftalia , chicken/pork souvlaki

Cyprus BBQ - Cyprus Keftedes (Meatballs)

and homemade Keftedes (meatballs) washed down with a bottle of ice cold Keo Beer...

… and to top it off, with a delicious syrupy dessert to push it all down.


Cyprus BBQ - Loukoumades

Of course we ordered ourselves a few Kypriakous (Cyprus Coffee) so the food goes down easier. 

It’s a ‘cultural’ staple - after a big meal, you must drink Cyprus coffee to help the food go down easier. 

It took all our willpower and strength to finish every dish that came flying at us…

… and it was worth it. 

The drive home was one to remember - we were holding our now bigger bellies, smiling, exchanging laughs…

and wishing we were at home sleeping. 

There’s a reason this tavern was rated the #1 in Cyprus in 2021. 

If you ever find yourself in Limassol, and are looking for an authentic and delicious tavern experience…

… make sure Forsos is on your list. 

Cyprus BBQ team approved. 

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