National BBQ Week: Everything you need for the Perfect Cyprus Barbecue

National BBQ Week is taking place in the UK from 5th to 18th July 2021.

National BBQ Week 2021
This year the event is extra special as National BBQ Week is celebrating its 25th anniversary giving us 12 days (a bit longer than a week!) of BBQ madness
What a great excuse (not that any Cyprus BBQ lover needs one) to light the coals and get the Souvla on.
With the long summer evenings ahead of us and the freedom to meet with family and friends we have everything you need for the perfect Cyprus BBQ.
The first thing you definitely need is a Cyprus Rotisserie BBQ.

What is a Cypriot Rotisserie BBQ 

A traditional Greek Cypriot BBQ, also known as a Foukou, is a rotisserie style barbecue that slowly cooks food over hot charcoal by rotating the meat on skewers or spits.  In Cyprus, almost every household owns a one and it is not uncommon for families to get together and cook their food on these grills sometimes several times a week.

It is the perfect no fuss barbecue. No more standing at the BBQ watching the meat cook, all you need to do load the skewers put them on the Cyprus BBQ and switch to motor on, easy. You can then just sit back and enjoy time with the ones you love.

See our full range of BBQ Sets

For the perfect BBQ it is important to have the right motor that is powerful enough and accessories for everything you want to cook on your BBQ.

Motors and Accessories

All of our BBQ sets come with a motor that hooks on to rotisserie mechanism and turns the skewers. You can chose between battery, mains or wireless motors with single or varible speeds, We have a range of motors to suit all needs.

To get the most out of your Cyprus BBQ may want to also try some of our range of accessories 

Triple Skewers great for cooking sausages

Flat and Rotating Grills perfect for whole fish, sausages, Halloumi, burgers etc.

Spit Hooks/Forks to hold larger joints of meat or whole chickens in place on the large skewers

Now you have everything you need all you have to do is choose what to cook, 

What to Cook on a Cypriot BBQ

If you have visited Cyprus may have tried 'Souvla' or 'Souvlaki'. 

 Souvla is large chunks of meat (pork, lamb   or chicken) that is cooked on the large spit   skewers and typically served with greek   salad, rice or potatoes.




 Souvlaki kebabs are the smaller cubes of   lamb, pork or chicken and is normally   served in a pitta bread with salad.



For tips and ides take a look at our recipe pages.

All you need to do now is enjoy a taste of the mederterainean

Happy BBQing

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