New Shipment of BBQ's Due in this Week

New shipment coming this week!

We at are super excited as this Friday 1ST of July our containers full of new BBQ’s and accessories are due to arrive - What a fantastic way to end the week and start the summer with BBQ heaven!

We are replenishing stock of the Greek Cypriot BBQ sets and have plenty of new items including different types of compatible bbq accessories such as spit hooks, motors, skewers and grills.

Here are some photos of the barbecue sets ready to be boxed at the factory.

Cyprus BBQ Sets in Production Traditional Cypriot BBQ Sets

Below are some pictures of the containers prior to leaving the factory in Cyprus!

BBQ's on the Container Container loaded with our BBQ Sets

We suggest you start stocking up on your meats and Keo beers so this summer you can have the BBQ of your life, and with our Free UK Delivery, what have you got to lose?
Whether you’re needing a full BBQ set or a small piece of equipment, we’re ready to send it straight to you without the hassle, so let’s start cooking, get the party started, and have some fun!

Please click here to see our full range of barbecue items or call us on 0113 2177141 if you have any questions or need any advice.

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