Tsiknopempti Smokey Thursday

Tsiknopempti or Smokey Thursday is a very important day for Greeks and Cypriots around the world. On this day they gather family and friends together and BBQ all kinds of delicious meat just before the arrival of Lent. This year Smokey Thursday is on 24th February 2022.

Cypriot Style Barbecue for Tsiknopempti

What should you cook on Smokey Thursday?

Many Cypriots do not eat meat for the whole of lent so Tsiknopempti is the last opportunity to really enjoy some their favorite BBQ treats

Souvla - large pieces of pork, chicken or lamb cooked over coals on the large souvla skewers

Souvlaki - small pieces of pork, chicken or lamb cooked over coals on the smaller souvlaki skewers

Greek sausages such as Loukaniko or Pastourma

Lamb chops or cutlets

Sheftalia - delicious Cypriot style sausages

Sheftalia Cyprus sausage on a Cyprus BBQ 

All served with a greek salad and of course plenty of lemons.

The meat is cooked slowly and perfectly over hot coals on a rotating spit. The Cyprus barbecue slowly rotates the Souvla skewers allowing the meat to cook slowly and evenly resulting in that delicious Cyprus BBQ flavour. For the best results, you must have one of our fantastic Cyprus BBQ Sets

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