What is the difference between the Traditional Cyprus BBQ and the Modern Cyprus BBQ?

A question we get asked quite often is 'what is the difference between the Traditional (Blue) Cyprus BBQ set and the Modern (Black) Cyprus BBQ set'.

Traditional and Modern Cyprus Rotisserie BBQ Sets

In a nutshell there are 3 main differences:

1/ The Colour.

2/ The Mechanism style for the large skewers.

3/ The width of the barbecue coal tray.

The main difference between the two models (apart from the colour) is the mechanism that rotates the three large souvla skewers. The Traditional mechanism is triangular and on the Modern it is rectangular.

Souvla on a Traditional Cypriot Rotisserie BBQ
With the Traditional BBQ (blue) model you have two skewers on the first level and the third skewer sits above.
This is good if the meat on one skewer is cooking faster than the others as you can switch the skewers around so the one on top is further away from the heat.
Souvla on a Modern Black Cypriot Rotisserie BBQ
On the Modern BBQ set, the three large skewers sit side by side on the same level so in theory the meat should all cook at the same time.
To allow for all three large skewers to be on the same level, the actual Modern barbecue coal tray itself is slightly wider than the Traditional version.

As the barbecue coal tray is slightly wider on the Modern, the 11 small souvlaki skewers are also slightly longer too (52cms skewers on the Modern BBQ as opposed to 47cms on the Traditional BBQ). The advantage here is, as they are slightly longer you can get to put more meat on the eleven souvlaki skewers.

The Traditional Cypriot barbecue foukou has been around for generations and is typically found in every Cypriot home garden. As most Cypriots have large families and love entertaining many have one of each model!

We hope this explanation helps. They are both excellent rotisserie barbecue sets and its really down to personal preference.

If you would like any additional help or guidance in choosing please feel free to contact us via the website, email us at sales@cyprusbbq.co.uk or call us on 0113 2177141.

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