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Happy BBQing over this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

Order now for dispatch on Tuesday and UK delivery before the Greek Easter Celebrations

Which is your favourite Cyprus BBQ Poster?

What do you think to our Cyprus BBQ Posters?

We have designed a few posters to promote our website - We would love to have your feedback and let us know which is your favourite promo poster?

Cyprus BBQ Poster 1

Cyprus BBQ Poster #1 – A slightly traditional authentic looking poster.

Cyprus BBQ Poster 2

Cyprus BBQ Poster #2 – A completely different style, we chose to use photos instead of the artistic images, for a couple of reasons, one of which is to appeal to people of all tastes and opinions, the photos add a slightly sophisticated touch to the design.

Cyprus BBQ Poster 3

Cyprus BBQ Poster #3 – We have deliberately made this one very simple, in colour, text and design.
So which would you vote for as the best poster out of the 3?
• The antique looking design
• The sophisticated look or 
• The simple poster

Maybe your choice may reflect who you are, if you like to keep things traditional old school, sophisticated or simple.
Take your pick!



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