Which is your favourite Cyprus BBQ Poster?

What do you think to our Cyprus BBQ Posters?

We have designed a few posters to promote our website - We would love to have your feedback and let us know which is your favourite promo poster?

Cyprus BBQ Poster 1

Cyprus BBQ Poster #1 – A slightly traditional authentic looking poster.

Cyprus BBQ Poster 2

Cyprus BBQ Poster #2 – A completely different style, we chose to use photos instead of the artistic images, for a couple of reasons, one of which is to appeal to people of all tastes and opinions, the photos add a slightly sophisticated touch to the design.

Cyprus BBQ Poster 3

Cyprus BBQ Poster #3 – We have deliberately made this one very simple, in colour, text and design.
So which would you vote for as the best poster out of the 3?
• The antique looking design
• The sophisticated look or 
• The simple poster

Maybe your choice may reflect who you are, if you like to keep things traditional old school, sophisticated or simple.
Take your pick!

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