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Motor - AC/DC Mains and Battery Power Motor for Rotisserie BBQ

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AC/DC Mains and Battery Power Motor for Cyprus Style Rotisserie BBQ

This single speed, bi-directional motor will run off either one D Sized battery or the 3v mains adapter supplied. The motor provides a single speed rotation at a gentle RPM to deliver that perfect Cyprus BBQ cooking.


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Key Features of the AC/DC Motor

This rotisserie motor can be powered by either a 3v mains adapter (supplied) or a D size 1.5v battery (not supplied).

Metal heat-shield on the motor to prevent heat damage from the hot barbecue.

Service time approximately 10 hours with one battery.

Motorhead and spit guide made from metal.

Rotates the spits and skewers to ensure tender grilled food. Will turn up to 6kg total weight.

Perfect addition or replacement motor for the Cypriot style rotisserie BBQ. (see our great range of Traditional Foukou Charcoal BBQ Sets)

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