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Skewer - Souvla Kebab Skewers for the Cyprus BBQ (Barbecue) - Small, 3 Pack


Souvla Kebab Skewers for the Cyprus BBQ (Barbecue) - Large, 3 Pack 

These quality skewers with wooden handles are perfect for souvla kebabs, whole chickens or any large cuts of meat. Great when cooking for big groups and, will certainly bring a communal "wow factor" when perfectly cooking for your family and friends!

Design to fit the Small Blue and Mini Modern Black BBQ sets

Quality Wooden handle BBQ Souvla Skewers - Large Dimensions (Individual):

  • 8mm square stainless steel 
  • 68cms long (including wooden handles)

Perfect for a Cypriot style BBQ. (see our great range of Traditional Foukou Charcoal BBQ Sets)

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