So, What's The History Of The Cyprus Flag?

What Is The History Of The Cyprus Flag?

The Cyprus Flag is different! We guarantee it!

It’s a young flag with an amazing history. It’s a flag for hope and unity. It’s a flag to be proud of, and we are.

It’s also unsurprisingly available to buy from us here at Cyprus BBQ 

We are Cyprus BBQ and as our name suggests we are passionate and proud of Cyprus. 

You could say we are literally flying the flag for Cyprus. 

So where to start? We like to be different, so we’ll start at the end. 

What's the Cyprus Flag today?

Cyprus Flag Today

 How did we get to this Cyprus flag?

Well, prior to the current Cyprus flag we had this flag from 1922 - 1960

Cyprus Flag 1922 - 1960
Image Source: Wikipedia

This all changed though, following the London and Zürich Agreements of 19th February 1959. After which Cyprus became an Independent Republic on 16th August 1960. 

Under the new Republic of Cyprus’ constitution, it was declared that the flag must “have a neutral design and colour”. 

This in effect ruled out the colours Blue and Red (the colours from the flags of Greece and Turkey). 

Also that it should not include a Cross or a Crescent (symbolic of the main religions of the Greek and Turkish residents). 

The flag (below) was suggested by the British Administration, but was rejected.

British Administration Proposed Cyprus Flag 1959
Image Source: Wikipedia


It was a case of “Thanks but No Thanks!” For that suggestion. 

The current flag was designed by İsmet Güney a Turkish Cypriot artist and approved by the then leaders of Cyprus: President Makarios III and Vice-president Fazil Küçük. 

As a result, the Cyprus Flag as we know it today was born. 

Well almost. 

The approved design was the same as we recognise today, but just the outline of the island was shown in the Copper colour. 

Cyprus Flag 1960
Image Source: Cyprus Mail


This was adjusted with the outline of the island being filled completely in the Copper colour. 

To give us the flag we have now….

Cyprus Flag on BBQ Boat in Blue Lagoon

So what’s the Cyprus Flag meaning and what are the Cyprus flag colours

The white background (neither red or blue) symbolises peace, and how more neutral can you be than white?

The two green Olive Branches being international and historical symbols also of Peace.

The Copper colour well it had to be, didn’t it!

After all Cyprus or Kypros comes from the Greek word for copper. 

The name given to the island after huge copper deposits were discovered in the Troodos Mountains more than 5000 years ago! 

This also made Cyprus the only country to display its land border on its national flag. 

Original, unique, simple, peace-loving and beautiful. 

The new flag even has its own Cyprus Flag emoji as well. 

A nod to the amazing technological future Cyprus is also embracing, welcoming digital nomads from across the globe. Whilst encouraging Cypriot students to take their place at the forefront of the digital revolution. 

But we just love the Cyprus flag as it's designed for all the right reasons and it encompasses all the great traits that Cypriots are renowned for, the world over. 

Bringing people together.

We even have the most inclusive way of barbecuing. 

Cyprus Flag with Cyprus BBQ Foukou Silhouette

Well, we are Cyprus BBQ after all 😀!

One person stuck out of the way, trying their best to flip burgers while chasing sausages?! Not for us! 

The whole idea of barbecues is to bring people together, isn't it? 

So with one of our fantastic rotisserie BBQs you can do just that.

We prefer to have the food prepared beforehand and just let those fantastic metal skewers rotate away driven by the barbecue motors

The perfect way to relax and enjoy the amazing food of Cyprus together. 

We’ve even got lots of ideas to help with that too, such as our Cypriot chicken souvlaki recipe (one of many of our fantastic bbq recipes.)

So the Cyprus Flag or the Cyprus Flag Bunting is a great addition to any foukou

Cyprus BBQ Flag Bunting with Souvla

Perfect for enhancing those times you want to enjoy the perfect barbecue with friends and family. 

There’s also many times throughout the year too when you can fly the flag for Cyprus such as:

Greek Easter. We even sell Greek flags too so they can be flown side by side. In Cyprus, the constitution even encourages both to be flown together on holidays. 

Then there’s Cyprus Independence Day which is celebrated on 1st October every year too. 

Let’s not forget our favourite here at Cyprus BBQ of course “Smokey Thursday”! When all Cypriots and Cyprus fans are encouraged to fire up their foukou and have a great time barbecuing lots of wonderful chicken, lamb and pork souvla and fill the air with the most delicious smelling smoke! 😋

And many many more

But we’re sure you’d agree as a symbol the Cyprus flag is a fantastic way to unite under a banner and have simply the Best Barbecue Ever! Time and again. 

And, like the meat on our rotating skewers; it won’t be long before another reason to barbecue comes around again! 


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