Make the perfect Souvla with Cyprus Kitchen

Make the perfect Souvla with Cyprus Kitchen


In this awesome video Nick Lazarides from Cyprus Kitchen shows you how to make his perfect #Souvla .


  • John hammersley

    Im just in the process of buying the same cyprus bbq and i cant wait to use it. Your recipe looks fantastic and that is the first thing im going to do when i fire up my new toy, well done to you , im getting hungry just looking at that clip..????

  • Chris

    Brilliant video…I do the same with Loin of pork in red wine (minimum 24 hours marinade) but I replace the oregano with crushed coriander seed. As with any BBQ I’m worried about if it’s cooked all the way through (and I’ve been BBQ’ing Cypriot style for years)…any tips…?

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