Loukoumades (Greek Donuts)

Loukoumades Greek Style Donuts (Honey Balls) 

Loukoumades Greek Style Donuts Honey balls

Loukoumades are one of the most popular Cypriot treats. You will find them throughout Cyprus all year round at festivals and fairs. They are also traditionally served on 6th January (Epiphany) in all Cypriot homes and thrown on the roofs of houses by many to ward off the Kallikantzaroi (mischievous goblins). 

These little bite-sized delicious and sweet honey balls are deep-fried until they are golden and crispy then traditionally served soaked in hot honey syrup.




1 Kg Plain flour

3 Tablespoons yeast

1 Teaspoon Salt (to taste)

2 Teaspoons Vanilla

5 Cups warm water


1 Kg Sugar

3.5 Cups hot water

1 Cinnamon Stick

3-4 Cloves (to taste)

1 Teaspoon lemon juice

Orange Flower Water (optional)



  • Put the flour in a big bowl and add the yeast to the middle of the bowl,
  • Add the salt, vanilla, and water 
  • Slowly mix the ingredients by hand until it becomes elasticated
  • Cover with a cloth and keep in a warm place for approximately 1-2 hours until it has doubled in size
  • For the syrup and all the ingredients to a pan and slowly heat the mixture until all the sugar has completely dissolved and the syrup.
  • Allow the Syrup to cool


Frying the dough balls

  • Use a large spoon and a glass of water to keep the spoon wet in between making each dough ball.
  • Scoop up the desired amount of dough (about 1-2 spoons depending on your preference for the size of dough ball) with the wet spoon
  • Drop the dough into the wet palm of your hand and roll it back into the spoon to create a round shape. Take care not to overhandle the puffy soft dough.
  • Drop the dough balls into the hot oil in batches, wetting the spoon each time you make a dough ball.
  • Fry in the hot oil until golden brown on the bottom and roll them over to cook the other side, 2 to 3 minutes per batch.
  • Gently set the loukoumades aside to drain on kitchen towels and then place them into the cold Syrup.
  • Now they are ready to eat!

Loukoumades are perfect for any occasion and are delicious served with a variety of toppings including chocolate sauce, cinnamon, and nuts.


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